Disabilities and Mental Health Coordinator - Teresa Cameron

Disability Services-- The Douglas Cherokee Head Start Disability Service Areas focus is to continue to increase the involvement of Local Education Agencies (LEA's) in the Head Start Program as a placement for children with disabilities.  In collaboration with LEA's, services are provided at Head Start sites and the family is included in all aspects of planning for the child with the disability.  The early years are the most rapidly developing years in a person's life and as such many milestones can be accomplished by including a child with a disability with their typically developing peers.  This provides opportunity for the child and family to function in "normal" relationships with success.  As a child grows, separation is still used for many systems of education.  Our program wants the family to witness how their child can progress with the challenges of typical children achieved by their child with a disability.

Mental Health--Douglas Cherokee Head Start realizes that mental well being is an important part of healthy development for children, families & staff. By working collaboratively with children, families, staff and community professionals, a wealth of mental health information, training, and follow-up is provided through the program.