Curriculum & Assessment Coordinator- Tonya Purkey Early Childhood Manager- Arlene Radcliffe

Education--Douglas Cherokee Head Start staff form partnerships with Head Start families and community agencies to provide educational experiences that support each individual child's growth and development, build upon the bonds of the family, and support each parent in their role as the child's primary educator.  Foundational experiences that enhance self-esteem and build confidence are woven into all aspects of the curriculum.  Educational experiences provided in each developmental domain aim to help each child reach their full potential and establish a foundation for future learning and success.


Early Childhood--Douglas Cherokee Head Start's philosophy of early child education stems from a belief that young children are active hands-on learners and benefit from a curriculum that allows them to freely explore their environment, make independent choices, and participate in meaningful experiences in a play-based atmosphere.  The program's approach to curriculum development is also based on the premise that each child grows and develops at different rates making it necessary to be knowledgeable of developmental stages and developmentally appropriate practices.