Family/Community Partnership Coordinator -Liz La


Management Plan--The plan will outline the services proposed for developing Family and Community partnerships.  The processes of Collaboration Partnerships--building with families to establish "Family Partnership Agreements" will include intake interview, home visits, group meetings and follow up with families to continually evaluate the progress as well as the process.

Diversity, cultural and ethnic differences among families will be noted.  This notation will provide a base for "Resource" identification and utilization.  Responsiveness to each family's goals, unique strengths, abilities and support services will remain the "primary" base for building the "Family Partnership Agreement".

This Service Unit will integrate the responsibilities of the parents and staff.  Staff will take into account and build upon pre-existing family partnerships that have been developed between other community agencies and the family, in order to prevent duplication.

The staff of the unit will coordinate with the other Agencies to the extent possible to ensure that families are provided additional support through Head Start for achievement of pre-existing goals at the time of enrollment.

The Service Unit will be directly responsible for the identification of needed resources and contact negotiation, to ensure "goal agreement" for "Family Partnership" activities.  It will be the responsibility of the unit to pursue activities for parent training programs, apprenticeships for job acquisition and placement of Head Start parents, literacy-education, forging community partnerships with communities, schools and the private sector will be some of the focuses of the unit.

Family and Community Partnership Staff will work in assigned areas and be readily available to parents to assist in self-sufficiency endeavors, partnership negotiations and ensure smooth transitions into the program, prepare families for their transition out of the program into another.  All activities of the staff assigned to the Service Unit will focus on Parent Partnerships, Self-sufficiency and methods and techniques of transitioning from Welfare.

The Service Unit will establish an outcome based accountability system that documents the level of effort toward establishing Family and community Partnerships.

The Service Unit's tasks will be clearly defined in the "Specific Approach" section of the plan and the Procedures give a more detailed look at the way task may be accomplished.