Health & Nutrition Coordinator - Lisa Henson

Child Health & Development

Douglas Cherokee Head Start staff form partnerships with Head Start parents and community agencies in order to provide comprehensive health services which meet individual needs.  The comprehensive services include a broad range of medical, dental, mental health and nutrition services to assist the child's physical, emotional cognitive and social development (age appropriate growth and development).

Douglas Cherokee Head Start, through a variety of methods, strives to provide each child's family with the necessary skills and insight to link the family to an on-going health care system.

By empowering families to seek and secure medical homes, individual families can then implement preventive health care plans while involved in Head Start as well as after Head Start.  Parents are encouraged to ensure their child's continuing health care.

Health, dental, mental health, nutrition, and safety are all integrated into the educational process.

Child Health & Safety

Maximum health and safety of the children, staff, volunteers and families is of the utmost importance to the Douglas Cherokee Head Start Program.  Healthy physical development is supported by encouraging practices that prevent illness or injury.

Strict Health & Safety Policies and Procedures are implemented by the program, posted in classrooms as needed and maintained at all sites.  Staff are trained regularly and updated on any needed changes or additions to the Policies and Procedures.


Child Nutrition

Nutrition/meal time is used as an integral part of the education process.  Children receive balanced meals each day according to USDA/CACFP regulations.  A variety of new foods will be introduced using a variety of methods.  Classroom food activities and food related field trips are completed on a regular basis.

Head Start menus are provided for all parents and used as part of nutrition training.  Numerous training methods are used to train parents on a vast number of nutrition topics.  Child wellness and development are promoted by providing nutrition services that supplement and complement those in the home and community.

Meal time will be used to contribute to the overall development and socialization of each child.  Staff and parents receive nutrition training that help them understand the relationship of nutrition to healthy child growth and development.  It is the Head Start Programs intent that parents will use the nutrition information received to develop sound food habits even after leaving the Head Start Program.