Policy Council Minutes 2016-2017

April 6, 2017

Call to Order/Quorum Check
Eunice Jones, Chairperson, called the meeting to order and reported that a quorum was present.

Approval of Minutes
Rachel Gunter, Cocke County, made a motion to accept the minutes from the last meeting. Rebecca Godfrey, Cocke County, seconded. All approved.

Old Business

Update on Grant Submission
Ron McNair, Director, informed members that the grant for the 2017-2018 school year has been submitted. The 1303 form for the purchase of land and modular in Blount County for Extended Duration has been submitted, and is awaiting approval from Regional Office. The 1303 for Sevier County is still in progress.

New Business

Personnel Report
Rebecca Godfrey, Cocke County, reported that the Personnel Committee had reviewed the report and recommended for approval. Kris Human, Sevier County, seconded. All approved.

Budget Report
Marcia Martin, Jefferson County, reported that the Finance Committee had reviewed the report and recommended approval. Rachel Gunter, Cocke County, seconded. All approved.

Health 4.14 Policy Revision
Teresa Cameron, Disabilities/Mental Health/Transition Coordinator, explained the proposed addition to the mental health referral process included procedures for atypical behaviors. Kimberly Faulkner, Sevier County, made a motion for approval. Greg Beeler, Union County, seconded. All approved.

Education 3.5 Policy Revision
Tonya Purkey, Curriculum and Assessment Coordinator, explained the proposed revision specified for a staff member to call roll from the attendance record when conducting emergency evacuation drills. Rachel Gunter, Cocke County, made a motion for approval. Rebecca Godfrey, Cocke County, seconded. All approved.

Terri Rickard, Parent Involvement Coordinator, explained the by-laws are the rules and regulations for Policy Council’s operation and management. Terri reminded the members that they approved a revision to increase the number of one-year terms to five with an annual re-election last month. Members were offered the opportunity for input on any additional changes or revisions. Terri asked for approval to use the by-laws for 2017-2018 program year. Rachel Gunter, Cocke County, made a motion for use of the by-laws for next year. Greg Beeler, Union County, seconded. All approved.

Approval for CACFP Application & Possible Grant Submissions
Ron McNair, Director, explained that the CACFP stands for Child and Adult Care Food Program and that this is the program that reimburses us for the meals that are served in the centers. This application is due in the summer. Also, sometimes there are other grants that come up in the summer that the program might want to apply for that may help provide additional services. One example is a Drivers Safety Grant that helps pay for driver safety training. Ron asked for Policy Council permission to apply for possible grants and will inform members in monthly reports during the summer. Rebecca Godfrey, Cocke County, made a motion to give permission to apply for upcoming grants. Rachel Gunter, Cocke County, seconded. All approved.

Directors Report/Monthly Mail Out Reports
Ron McNair, Director, reported that current enrollment, as of March 31, 2017, for Head Start is 847 and Early Head Start is 72. This is at 100% enrollment. One hundred seventy-six of the currently enrolled children are in foster care, 95% of enrolled are income eligible which leaves 5% as over-income. We are mandated to serve no more than 10% over-income.
Average Daily Attendance for March 2017 is 88%. We are required to keep attendance at 85% or above. Anything below 85%, we must provide documentation as to why it fell below.
Six centers received their 3 Star rating from the ECERS observations. Two centers received visits from the State Fire Marshall. One center’s fire panel was displaying the wrong code. After that was corrected, both centers were found with no issues.
Our program received notification on March 17th that the Early Head Start grant that was applied for was not awarded. The response to the Early Head Start expansion funding opportunity was tremendous.
We had a visit from Kerri Timmerman, our program specialist, on March 14th. She had the opportunity to meet with Central Office staff and visit a few of the centers. Kerri’s feedback included the classrooms visited showed the teachers completely engaged with the children and showed great examples of warm and inviting classrooms for the parents.
Mr. McNair attended a training for new Directors. He stated there was good training on the grant process. He also received information from the Tennessee Head Start Directors meeting about Head Start facts. This will be distributed in a mail out. Ron explained that the members will be receiving mail outs throughout the summer months. These will consist of Director Reports, Finance Reports as well as other items. He encouraged members to call if they had questions about any of the mail outs. He reminded members that the Board of Directors will still meet in the summer and any action items that come up can be voted on by them.
Information will continue to be reviewed from the Self-Assessment to help plan for the upcoming year. Staff training surveys have been distributed as well.

Child Abuse Awareness Month
Tonya Purkey, Curriculum and Assessment Coordinator, informed members that April is Child Abuse Awareness Month. She explained that this is a preventable problem. A handout was provided on the signs of abuse. It also included information on the long-term effects of abuse. On a good note, there is an initiative for good childhood memories called Pinwheels for Prevention. Each pinwheel represents a good childhood memory. The pinwheel serves as a reminder of the great childhoods we want for all children.

Parent Literacy Survey/Words of Wisdom
Terri Rickard, Parent Involvement Coordinator, asked members to complete a literacy survey providing parent input on how we are meeting the program goal on Language and Literacy. Terri also asked parents to write some “words of wisdom” to share with parents enrolling in the program next school year.

Celebrate and Appreciate
Arlene Radcliff, Education Manager, announced that April is the designated month to “Celebrate and Appreciate” Teachers. She used several words to describe teachers and their love of teaching. She shared a video of a teacher participating in a child lead activity. She encouraged everyone to thank their teachers.

Rachel Gunter, Cocke County, made a motion for adjournment. Rebecca Godfrey, Cocke County, seconded. All approved.

Volunteer Recognition
Kay Hale, Executive Director of DCEA, Ron McNair, Director, and Terri Rickard, Parent Involvement Coordinator, gave a welcome and words of appreciation to all of the volunteers and what it means to the program.

Special entertainment was provided by the students and staff of North West Head Start.

Classrooms with the Most Volunteer Hours for 2016-2017

  • Blount County – New Providence
  • Cocke County – Cosby 2
  • Grainger County – Bean Station
  • Hamblen County – Judson S. Hill
  • EHS – EHS 3
  • Jefferson County – Dandridge
  • Monroe County – Madisonville
  • Sevier County – Douglas Dam
  • Union County – Maynardville

Policy Council Members with Perfect Attendance

  • Cocke County – Rachel Gunter
  • Hamblen County – Eunice Jones (3 years), Tammy Lackey, Carolyn Nelson
  • Jefferson County – Marcia Martin
  • Sevier County – Kimberly Faulkner, Kris Human

Members who only Missed 1 Meeting

  • Blount County – Elaine Bowers
  • Hamblen County – Rebecca Stout
  • Jefferson County – Bonnie Breland
  • Union County – Greg Beeler